Growing up, Shannon Baney was heavily influenced by her grandmother, who is a celebrated portrait artist. Born on Maui and raised in the mean streets (upstate New York), Shannon graduated from the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in 2020. (Her thesis film was also selected to showcase in SVA highlights)
While she has an eye for experimental animation and a deep appreciation for video art, she also has the management bug; supporting people and making solutions. 
From surviving the Christmas fast food rush at Disney Parks to managing multiple food service employees from high school onward, spreadsheets are her happy place and high-stress environments are where she thrives.  
A great communicator, she can connect with pretty much anyone (including the ghost she shared a house with for a while).
Currently, Shannon is working at an animation studio in Brooklyn, and in her spare time she freelances, storyboards, makes minimations (tiny animations), illustrations, and personal short films. 
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